Free Elections


Building just and inclusive societies begins with supporting free and fair elections where all people have the opportunity to vote, and to vote for the candidate of their choosing. That means welcoming an array of parties to participate, having a robust election commission and sound electoral law, ensuring that voter registration is open and widespread, that all participants have the opportunity to spread their message, and that the vote is free of foreign interference.

Americans understand that when we stand for free elections all over the world that our country is both standing for its core values while helping build a more stable and ultimately secure world.


Women's Rights


Women's rights are human rights. It's as simple as that. But the world over, too many women are excluded and too few Americans appreciate that increasing women's political and economic participation, equal representation, equal opportunity, and safety is an absolutely vital component to vital, pluralistic, and just society. 

Ensuring women's rights around the world is one of the best ways our country can represent its core values. 


Free Speech


The freedom of expression is the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights and a critical American value. As important as it is to us in this country, all too often we fail to understand that supporting free speech around the world is a moral good and strategic necessity. 

People who express themselves freely and have a free press understand that their governments will be more transparent and open because they must be responsive to their citizens' needs. That increases stability and peace around the world, vital conditions for prosperity. 


Economic Opportunity


When it comes to earning a living, everyone should have an equal chance at success. Governments should build an even playing field to allow individuals' skills--not their place in life--determine what they do and how much they make. Economies should be based on the rule of law, citizens should be able to easily attain their desired level of education, healthcare should be guaranteed, and taxation geared towards building a strong middle class. 

What's more, the United States should provide robust and effective economic assistance to developing countries, because in concert with the policy choices above, it's a powerful combination that can open new markets for American business.


Climate Change


The United States is the only major country in the world that is not party to the Paris Climate Accords, after the White House announced its intention to withdraw in 2017. Climate change is not a problem that can be dealt with in the distance future, but a serious threat that must be addressed now.

Refusing to take climate change seriously risks economic and humanitarian calamity around the world. It drives a disconnect between the United States and her allies. And it reduces the chance that Americans miss out on the opportunity to create the energy of the future.