The Fight: Tunisia's Battle for Democracy

A new documentary film by Indispensable and DEC Artists

Tunisia poster final.png

For thirty years, dictator Zinedine Abedine Ben Ali ruled Tunisia with an iron fist. Then in 2010, a fruit seller in southern Tunisia had enough. He lit himself on fire in protest. His act started a revolution in Tunisia.

It spread...

to Egypt.

to Libya.

to Syria.

But eight years later, revolutions have been crushed all across the Middle East, except in one place: Tunisia.

Tunisia wrote a new Constitution, held free elections, and won the Nobel Prize for embracing democracy.

Then the fight started.

ISIS terrorist attacks destroyed the economy. Saudi Arabia and Qatar battle to control the government from abroad while Islamist, ex-regime thugs, and secularists wrestle for control inside.

Meanwhile women struggle for equality, the youth demand opportunity. In 2018 protests erupted for the first time since the dictator was ousted.

Some yearn for the stability of the dictatorship.

No one seems satisfied.

Yet somehow, democracy lives in Tunisia, with hope for a better tomorrow. This is The Fight. Tunisia's Battle for Democracy.