In late 2017, we sat around a table lamenting the incredibly painful and divisive time we're going through as a country and international community.

So many of our fights pit one side against the other, framed on cable news as an argument to be won on TV in just a few seconds.

We wanted to get away from the idea of talking heads who spit out a few points and leave it at that - the audience somewhere between confused, pissed off, or just plain exhausted by the bickering.

Meanwhile, millions of people are left to struggle and suffer through life because their needs are drowned out by petty arguments.

We wanted to create an organization that told passionate stories to cut through the bullshit. If our stories are both well-reported and well-told, then we can connect with people on the left, right, or middle and drive home the simple idea that we're all equal and we all deserve a fair shot.

In early 2018, we received a grant that allowed us to focus on our first project: Telling the story of Tunisian democracy. We traveled to Tunisia and shot ten days of footage.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring in a bunch more. As of this writing, we're in post-production.

We're pivoting to our next short project, called Rich City | Poor Man, the story of homelessness - and its real causes - in LA.

We've got lots of ideas about what's next. We hope you'll join us.